Big Lops Kiddo
Big Lops Kiddo

Big Lops Kiddo

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Meet our dear friend Big Lops Kiddo - a lot of lovely, lovable lamb!

An ideal gift for newborn or toddler, Kiddo sports a sweet soft coat of swirly, snuggle-ready fur. His big ol’ paws and even bigger ol’ ears are lined with pure white velour. A hand-embroidered face shows off Kiddo’s big brown eyes, little wee smile and rosy nose!

The perfect size for nap time or adventure time, Kiddo measures11” from his curly topknot to delicate hoof. Your little one will love to cuddle up with such a loppy, floppy pal – and don’t worry if they get into some mischief – Kiddo is surface washable, and you’ll have him clean again in two shakes of a lamb’s tail!

Say “I love ewe” to Big Lops Kiddo – whisper it in his big ol’ ear – he’s ready to love “ewe” right back.

 Size: 11"

Surface washable. 100% Polyester. Imported.