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    • The Bluetooth Music Box dedicated to your baby that will transform your daily life!

      A fleece, ultralight and shockproof design
      Discover our it-bam, an Cloud unbreakable and very light Bluetooth connected cushion. Practical by its shape and easy to handle by a child as an adult. Soft and eco-friendly too, because this speaker is padded with a polyester made from regenerated fibres. Two colours and two shapes to choose from. This Cloud musical is totally mobile, it will follow you wherever you go. It's also very practical in the car. Its ultra high performance rechargeable battery and its incredible autonomy of 300 hours in standby mode and 3 hours in play mode. Lightweight, it slips very easily into a handbag and accompanies you in all your walks ...

      An infinite playlist
      Thanks to Bluetooth technology, you will be able to put your baby to sleep with your favourite playlist in unlimited from any audio support such as Deezer, Spotify, itunes... Ideal when you want to put baby to sleep with a track of your own composition. Daddy singerrrr!

      Become your child's idol
      Personalize your messages or songs with the ability to record your voices. Parents can let their imaginations run wild by creating original stories and music compositions themselves.
      A modern and super creative ritual that creates closeness with the baby and guarantees a reassuring sleep thanks to the comfort of your recorded voices.

      A rich and pure sound
      The it-bam benefits from a top-of-the-range diffusion quality limited in decibels for your baby's comfort. You will love it!

      Remote Connection and Management
      The it-bam is remotely manageable and connects wirelessly to your smartphone, tablet or computer via Bluetooth®. You can also connect two devices simultaneously. Thanks to its reception quality the it-bam allows you to choose music from more than 10 meters away (for lazy people on your couch for example!).

      Iphone/Android Application
      Free Download the IT-BAM application available at Apple Store Under It-bamand Google Play Under It-Bam by Mellipou Allows you to configure the settings of your music box : Managing your favorite playlist, volume, Timer etc...

    • Made in France In our Parisian workshop:)
      Size: 31X19cm
      Weight: 230gr
      Color: beige - blue - mustard fabrics
      Material: Interior 100% polyester/Outdoor 100% Cotton
      All our fabrics are Oeko-TEX certified
      Certification: EC Standards
      MaintenanceThe cover is fully machine washable at 30°C. First remove the speaker, cable and manual from the inside.